The files below are pdf versions of the music notes that are sung at the St. Herman's Conferences. Each PDF has multiple pieces of music so please scroll down all the way to see all the notes attached. If you would like to sing at the conferences please familiarize yourself with the music below.

All Night Vigil

Kursk icon greeting
Bless the lord oh my soul
Blessed is the man
Lord I have cried- St. Herman
O Gentle Light
Augmented Litany
Aposticha- St Herman
Now lettest thou thy servant
Troparion to St. Herman, St. Spiridon, and O Theotokos virgin
Psalm 33
Small Doxology- Glory to go in the highest (Slavonic only)
Great Ektenia (Slavonic and greek only)
God is the lord (Slavonic only)
Polyeleos- Praise ye the name of the lord
Blessed art thou O Lord (Slavonic only)
Magnificant to St. Herman and From my youth
Sunday Prokimen for all tones and to St. Herman (Slavonic only)
Having beheld the Resurrection
Canon to St. Herman (Slavonic only)
Irmoi of the Mother of God
My soul doth magnify
Holy is our God (Slavonic only)
Svetilen (Slavonic only)

Praises- St. Herman
Sunday Theotokian 2nd tone
Great Doxology
Troparion of the Resurrection
To Thee, the Champion Leader


Greeting of the Bishop
Great Litany (Slavonic only)
1st Antiphon
2nd Antiphon
O Only Begotten Son
The Beatitudes
O come let us worship (English only)
Ispolla trio (Slavonic only)
Troparion And Kotakion to St. Herman, St. Spiridon and Kurst Root Icon
The Trisagion
Prokimen (all 8 tones) and Alleluia (Slavonic only)
Augmented Litany
Litany of the Catechumens
Cherubic Hymn (Slavonic only)
Litany before The Creed
The Creed
The Anaphora
It is truly meet
And each and every one (Slavonic only)
Litany of Supplication
Our Father
Communion verses
Receive the Body of Christ
We have seen the True Light
Liturgy ending many years
Many Years

The music that puts together the repertoire of the Western-American Diocesan Orthodox Youth Conferences can be found on their original websites and choirs:
The Holy Myrrhbearers Women’s Choir – New York
The Holy Virgin Cathedral Pontifical Choir –San Francisco, California
St. John the Baptist Cathedral Choir –Washington D.C.
The Church of All Russian Saints Choir – Burlingame, California
The Church of All Russian Saints Choir – Denver, Colorado
Synodal Pontifical Choir - Manhattan, New York
Rev. George Johnson – Holy Apostles Orthodox Church, Beltsville, Maryland
Past musical compilations of R.O.C.M. conferences